Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Comment on "Time to take the red pill"


I was going to add a comment to your Open and Shut? blog article, "Time to take the red pill", but I don't have a blogger account and I don't want to sign up just to comment. So I'm sending my comment to you.

You said: "Clearly there is a valuable potential role here for information professionals, should they choose to seize the opportunity. After all, what better way for disenchanted librarians to make themselves indispensable in a new and relevant way - not by playing their traditional role as gateways to information (putting themselves between the information and the user), but as facilitators able to help researchers and other data creators collaborate and share information. If this means abandoning some of their traditional skills for new ones then so be it. Now there's a topic for discussion at Internet Librarian International 2006!"

Yes, and if librarians want to learn how to do this sooner than late 2006, and in the context of (EPrints-based) institutional repositories, they can sign up to the new series of EPrints Training Courses.

The next one in the UK will be announced soon and will be around the turn of the year. Watch this space.

Or contact Alma Swan or Siobhain Dales for more information.

I wouldn't describe these courses as a 'red pill', but you can if you wish.

Steve Hitchcock

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